Chile: some 500,000 private vehicles will be able to switch to LPG

In view of the interest of private users to access the use of LPG and CNG as vehicle fuel, over gasoline, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) of Chile authorised the increase of the age required for private vehicles to be adapted to the use of Autogas from 5 to 7 years. The initiative was published through the Supreme Decree No. 98 of 2022, which modifies Supreme Decree No. 55 of 1998 of the MTT.

This measure will not only match the requirement that currently applies to taxis that seek to use LPG or CNG, but also increases the potential universe of drivers that can access this conversion by up to 500,000 vehicles. In addition, LPG and CNG cars are currently not subject to vehicle restrictions during the environmental management period, which becomes an additional advantage for those seeking a sustainable mobility alternative.

According to the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Juan Carlos Muñoz, this measure “not only allows us to increase the potential number of people who want to access this type of adaptation, but, more importantly, allows us to continue promoting the use of sustainable and efficient mobility.”

“This announcement seems very important to us since it reinforces the benefits that Autogas offers for the energy transition that we are facing as a country, allowing more people to have access to convert their private vehicle,” said Fernando Ledesma, Manager of Gasco Packaging and Transportation. “Not only is it a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel than gasoline, but it also offers savings of between 35% and 40%, a very relevant issue today, when inflation is having a significant effect on the pocket of many drivers.”

Regarding the requirements for vehicles that wish to access this transformation, it should be noted that they are all those light and medium-sized cars for private use that correspond to those of the sedan, station wagon, hatchback, SUV type, all with gross vehicle weight less than 3,860 kg. For more information, please visit MTT and Gasco websites.

Photo: Gasco

12 October 2022