Catalonia allocates 300,000 euros to help purchase clean fuel vehicles

Barcelona Taxis

To address the current high pollution challenge and ensure clean air, the Government of Catalonia has put forward several green initiatives, including the extension of a support programme for the purchase of energy efficient vehicles in taxis, commercial fleets and other services.

This resolution has a clear focus on the city of Barcelona, where pollution episodes have become one of the biggest problems, with regular exceedance of the pollution thresholds set by the European Union.

To solve this problem, the Government of Catalonia will allocate 300,000 euros to promote sustainable transport solutions. The support programme will allocate 200,000 euros for electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids and 100,000 euros for non-plug-in vehicles, including Autogas vehicles.

In concrete terms, 1,000 euros will be granted for the purchase of gasoline hybrids with emissions lower than or equal to 60 mg NOx/km or LPG, CNG bi-fuel vehicles, and 1,200 euros for LPG or CNG vans.

Those interested must request the grant before 1 February  2017.

This new scheme recognises Autogas numerous environmental benefits, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and smog. Using LPG also leads to reduced operating costs and lower total cost of ownership.