Canadian partnership helps speed up transition to propane vehicles


Suzanne Roy Ford Inc. is breaking ground by becoming the first car dealership in Quebec to partner with Alliance AutoPropane (AAP) to convert vehicles to cleaner and more cost efficient hybrid propane-gasoline engines. The pioneering partnership could have a significant influence on the services offered by the Quebec car retail industry and on its environmental impact. Since its humble beginnings, Suzanne Roy Ford Inc. has grown into the region’s largest Ford dealership, while Alliance AutoPropane is eastern Canada’s fastest growing network of Autogas refuelling stations and conversion centres.

“By becoming an AAP member and an authorized conversion centre, our dealership is in a strong position to encourage Ford customers, individual owners, and commercial fleets to convert their vehicles immediately to hybrid engines,” stated Suzanne Roy, the dealership’s founder and president. “Personally, it feels wonderful to know that, as car retail professionals, we can find innovative ways to contribute to a greener tomorrow.”

Over 30 years ago in Levis, Quebec, Mme. Roy took a truck full of courage and knocked on the door of Ford Motors to ask for a dealership license. After months of perseverance and refusals, she obtained a hesitant “yes” from the legendary automaker. With a $400,000 personal loan and a one million dollar inventory, she became the first woman in Canada to own a Ford dealership.

The groundbreaking association comes as no surprise to her friends and associates. “We hope that our commitment to convert as many cars as possible to cleaner engines will motivate others in our business to join Alliance AutoPropane and make a difference today,” concluded Roy.