Canada: new acquisition will encourage LPG conversion market in Toronto

Maxquip has announced that it has acquired the assets of Canso Auto, an Ontario-based company that specialises in converting cars and trucks to run on Autogas, and that was started by Rudy Grant in 2000.

This investment will provide Maxquip with a greater ability to not only be a wholesaler of Autogas conversion solutions, but also with the additional capability of being an installer in the Toronto market. Having conversion facilities in Winnipeg, Surrey and now Toronto allows Maxquip to better understand and improve on the conversion experience, and to develop new technologies for the ever-changing automotive sector.

“We believe there are significant opportunities to help grow the use of Autogas in the Toronto area in a sustainable manner. We are pleased to have the opportunity to invest our resources in this sector. It is an exciting time for the industry and Maxquip is proud to be a part of it,” said Cameron Stewart, President and CEO of Maxquip.

“I am very happy to be part of an organisation that is always looking forward and investing in businesses and technologies that are making a difference. With this acquisition, it strengthens our presence in the alternative fuels market and assists us in providing more green energy solutions to our customers,” commented Willie Stephen, VP Pacific Region.

With a strong focus on reducing greenhouse gases, today more than ever is when Autogas comes shining through as an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative fuel. Compared to other fuels, propane’s utilisation helps to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. For more information, please visit this link.

18 December 2019