Canada: city of Nanaimo praises adoption of alternative fuels to power its truck fleet

The city of Nanaimo, in British Columbia, is proud to deploy an alternative fuel vehicle fleet. According to the city’s authorities, they lower its carbon footprint with these vehicles by using LPG and CNG to fuel them.

“Both LPG and CNG burn cleaner than unleaded fuels, and reflect the city’s commitment to a more environmentally sustainable future,” said the city’s authorities in a statement.

Matching the correct vehicle to the job is also a crucial step in being as environmentally responsible as possible. For instance, small trucks are easier on fuel than the city’s large sanitation trucks, but smaller trucks would need to make many more trips to the recycling plant, compost facility, and landfill each day, wasting both time and fuel.

“Vehicles such as our bucket trucks are extremely heavy-duty and have a high demand on fuel. By running on Autogas rather than diesel, city staff can perform their day-to-day tasks knowing they are using a cleaner burning fuel,” they added.

Source: City of Nanaimo

5 July 2023