Bulgarian government supports Autogas project development

Bulgaria Minister of Economy Emil Karanikov handed over five investment certificates worth over 16 million of Euros, which will generate 116 new jobs, and stressed that the projects, which are in the process of certification, are proof of the high investment interest in the country.

“Another 49 investment projects, which are expected to open 6,157 new jobs, have been submitted to the Bulgarian Investment Agency,” he said.

One of the investment certificates was given to Memtex EOOD, which is investing 383,000 Euros in the construction of a new production base for components and spare parts for Autogas systems at Bozhurishte Economic Zone, near Sofia.

This investment will create 10 jobs, according to Bulgaria’s ministry of economy.

Memtex, founded in 1991, produces LPG and CNG components and spare parts for European, Asia, North and South American markets. For more information, please check this link.

19 December 2018