British fleets receive advices and education on benefits of Autogas


Experts from automotive LPG supplier Autogas Ltd have been educating motorists on the benefits of the environmentally-friendly fuel at two major conferences in the UK this month. During the Shell’s Make the Future London event, the attendees had the chance to see two of LPG-powered cabs which were used to transport guests back and forth from the local train station.

The repowered Euro 6 compliant TX4 black cab emits a staggering 80% less NOx emissions compared with a normal diesel powered version in addition to significant reductions of particulate matter. In addition to reducing emissions, taxi drivers benefit from huge fuel cost savings of around 20% compared to when they were running on diesel.

Autogas Marketing Manager Paul Beesley said: “The Make the Future London festival was an incredible event which shone a light on the importance of working together to create a successful low carbon society. It gave us an opportunity to showcase our LPG cabs to a large number of people, including members of parliament and key figures within environmental groups. They had the opportunity to see first-hand how comfortable, quiet and economical our repowered taxi cabs really are.”

Autogas experts were also invited to attend the APSE National Transport Seminar in Solihull, where they gave a talk on ‘LPG – for the future and the here and now’. The event, organised by the Association for Public Service Excellence, explored fuel alternatives and options to ensure efficient delivery of fleet services.

“The APSE seminar was a fantastic one-day event which provided us with an ideal platform to discuss the many benefits of LPG fuel with local authorities,” added Beesley. “The issue of air pollution is one which needs addressing urgently and LPG fuel is an immediate solution to the UK’s air quality crisis.