British experts analyse different alternative energies towards zero emission scenario

In recent years UK transport sector has faced hard criticism over its failure to reduce its contribution to global warming. Considering there are more than 38 million cars on the road throughout Great Britain, it should come as no surprise that vehicles are one of the most significant contributors to harmful emissions. In this regard, Flogas UK evaluates the main ways that alternative fuels are paving the road to zero emissions and explores the different energies available to propel vehicles.

“Evidently, thanks to the major developments with vehicle technology, the way in which we fuel our cars in the coming years is set to change drastically. This is mainly due to the government’s Road to Zero Strategy, which aims to end the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040. The strategy also plans to increase the supply and sustainability of low carbon fuels, as a way to reduce emissions from the existing vehicles already on our roads,” says Flogas’ report.

As for Autogas, the energy company considers it is the most accessible alternative fuel on the market. LPG is a “bridging fuel,” they say, an alternative fuel source that is already established, with over 170,000 Autogas vehicles currently on the road across the UK, serviced by more than 1,400 refuelling stations.

Autogas is a popular choice among drivers who wish to keep both their pump costs and carbon footprint at a minimum. Extensive existing infrastructure, plentiful supply and serious cost- and carbon-cutting potential mean LPG is positioned as the ideal interim fuel in the move away from petrol and diesel, and towards Net Zero.

On the other hand, electric vehicles offer a range of positives in regard to efficiency and a reduction in environmental damage, while their development has been ongoing for years. But although they have become equally as capable as the diesel or petrol alternative, the infrastructure to support this upsurge in interest is yet to match the technology available. With a chronic shortage of public charging points, one of the biggest impediments to many buying an electric car is the fear of running out of power and the risk of not being able to recharge on the go. For more information, please check this link.

23 October 2019