Both Prins Direct Injection LPG-systems win INPRO 2014 Award at the Gas Show in Poland

The VSI-2.0 DI LPG system is based on the Vapour Sequential (direct) Injection LPG technology. The Direct LiquiMax 2.0 LPG system is based on the direct injection of liquid LPG in the engine. Both Bi-Fuel systems are R115 certified and lower the emission of CO2 up to 15% and particles up to 98%. Prins as worldwide total solution provider is leader in the introduction and delivery of these technologies and systems.  Bart van Aerle CEO Prins Alternative Fuel Systems: “As these systems now have been introduced in Poland, they also become available for the local market. Driving on gas is very popular in Poland. Most new cars that are now being sold are cars with DI engines. A Prins DI system (vapour or liquid) is the suitable solution for driving on LPG. One engine is more suitable for vapour technology and the other is more suitable for the liquid technology, so we always have the proper solution available. The systems are sold through the well trained and certified installers to the customer.” 

The alternative fuel systems were presented during the Gas Show at the Prins booth in various cars. The VSI-2.0 DI LPG system was presented in a Skoda Superb Combi 1.8 liter and the Direct LiquiMax-2.0 LPG system in a Kia Pro Cee’d, 1,6 CCTV GDi. Next to that, the VSI-2.0 CNG system was built-in in a Volvo V60, and the Prins Dieselblend-2.0 LNG system was shown in an Iveco Stralis (Euro 5). Customers save fuel costs but also lower emission of CO2 and particles without losing driveability and performance.   

Bart van Aerle: “Last year Prins won an INPRO award for the VSI-2.0 LPG system. We are pleased that we now also won an award for VSI-2.0 DI LPG and for the Direct LiquiMax-2.0 LPG system. These are real innovative systems for Direct Injection engines. It is a recognition for our R&D efforts.”



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