BioLPG is introduced into the UK market

Calor has become the first energy company to supply BioLPG across Britain. BioLPG is Calor’s first renewable product offering that sees the company commit to reducing its carbon footprint and to become fully renewable by 2040.

Just as LPG, which is already a flexible, low-carbon fuel compared to other fossil fuels, BioLPG can be used as a vehicle fuel and reduce carbon emissions even further, allowing environment-conscious consumers and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, hassle free.

BioLPG is identical to conventional LPG, so it can be blended, stored and used as a drop-in replacement for all existing applications with no modification. BioLPG can reduce carbon emissions by up to 88% over conventional LPG dependent on the feedstock used.

Matthew Hickin, Chief Executive, Calor, said: “This exciting new development will enable our existing customers to dramatically improve their carbon footprint with no adjustment to their current vehicles or heating systems. It will also, for the first time, enable fleet operators and rural customers to use one of the lowest polluting energy sources in the world today. This development is part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon emissions whilst growing our business and, by 2040, our ambition is for 100% of our energy products to be from renewable sources.”

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11 April 2018