Bi-fuel car sales grow in Spain

In February, sales of bi-fuel vehicles (Autogas and natural gas) in Spain reached a total volume of 1,187 registered units, which means an increase of 6.27% when compared to the same period of last year. LPG continues to be the most popular alternative fuel.

This does not seem like big data but it is extremely positive given the critical situation of the Spanish automobile sector that experienced a significant fall, close to 50% compared to previous years.

This means gas-powered cars have supported the decrease in vehicle sales due to the strong advantages they present compared to conventional fuels, including reduced fuel costs and the ECO environmental label from the DGT (Spanish General Directorate of Traffic).

Currently, gas vehicles account for 1.62% of the total Spanish vehicle fleet, with Renault, Dacia and the Volkswagen Group being the ones that have opted the most for these alternative fuels within their portfolio and adding LPG and CNG bi-fuel options in various models.

The Dacia Sandero ECO-G, powered by Autogas, was the best-selling car of this segment last month. For more information, please visit this link.

17 March 2021