Autogas vehicles arrive in Jamaica

Fuel supplier Massy Gas Products Jamaica Limited, under the brand GasProm, and Excel Motors are partnering to promote the adoption of LPG as an alternative fuel for vehicles, which will help Jamaicans obtain savings and reduce carbon footprint.

A fleet of 20 vehicles was already converted from petrol to Autogas as part of the pilot stage of this project, and now the plan is to partner with major companies with larger vehicle fleets.

“GasPro is excited to lead the introduction of Autogas in Jamaica. We are always looking for ways to add value to customers and to innovate. As such, we are focused on being on the front line of this potentially revolutionary initiative,” said Rohan Ambersley, CEO of Massy Gas Products.

“After investing in a conversion kit to switch to an LPG-powered vehicle, consumers pay a much lower cost to power their vehicles. It also assists each person with reducing their carbon footprint as it is a cleaner fuel; therefore, it has a positive environmental impact. In addition to these advantages, the use of Autogas leads to a reduction in maintenance and servicing costs,” he added.

Excel Motors’ Managing Director Patrick Marzouca, said they are encouraging companies with fleets to invest in switching to Autogas. “We have converted 20 vehicles in test periods and the feedback in terms of return on their investment has been very positive. One entity observed profitability within two months, and the other in less than a month,” he explained.

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12 September 2018