Autogas vehicle trials during UK Clean Air Day

Councils, businesses and fleets around the United Kingdom were invited to experience the environmental benefits, convenience and cost saving opportunity of running their vehicles on LPG as part of Clean Air Day on 21 June. The free trials were offered by Autogas Limited, supplier of automotive LPG which has a fleet of vehicles that can be used for evaluation purposes including taxis and vans.

“Clean Air Day is a great way to raise awareness about air quality issues but the air quality problem requires a fundamental shift in attitudes and strategy in order to solve it in the long-term,” said Holly Jago, general manager, Autogas Limited, supplier of automotive LPG which offered the free trials.

“Councils are under extreme pressure to deliver immediate improvements and by inviting them to trial our range of LPG powered vehicles, they can see for themselves just how easy it is to make a dramatic improvement to their fleet emissions,” added Jago.

With more than 40,000 premature deaths occurring each year as a result of poor air quality, many local authorities and businesses are looking at how they can reduce their impact on the environment. As part of the Government’s Air Quality Plan, a number of councils across the UK are required to introduce a Clean Air Zone or a local action plan designed to tackle the problem in their area.

A number of councils are already benefiting by including LPG with their vehicle mix. London, Birmingham and Edinburgh Councils have all given the backing for use of the fuel in black cabs operating within their cities while Anglesey council run a fleet of 80 vans on the cleaner fuel source cutting not only their emissions but also saving them an estimated £100,000 per year in fuel costs. For more information, please visit this link.

4 July 2018