Autogas, the most suitable alternative for waste collection trucks in Spain

The decarbonisation of the transport system is one of the main pillars, together with digitisation and growing urbanisation, of the Strategy for Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility that the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has created for 2030, following the guidelines established by the European Union.

In order to achieve this goal, Autogas is presented as one of the most suitable fuels for urban waste collection vehicles given its application features and cost, according to BeGas, the first company to manufacture 100% Euro6-D Autogas engines with liquid phase injection. It is a cleaner energy that already powers more than 27 million vehicles in the world.

The conversion of diesel urban waste collection trucks to LPG allows municipal companies and cities with a smaller budget to join the energy transition, claims BeGas. This service is applicable to diesel heavy-duty trucks between three and 10 years old, thus favouring the reuse of vehicles that can still extend their useful life.

“It is an alternative fuel with a lower cost, which is supplied at service stations and allows, for example, an urban waste collection fleet to save up to 36% in fuel costs,” said Pedro Silva, CEO of BeGas. “Municipal companies and city councils that cannot bear the cost of a total replacement of the fleet right now can move towards a much more sustainable and responsible transport fuel that will not only reduce polluting emissions and improve air quality in cities, but also promote energy and economic efficiency in public spending.”

The BeGas AVG engine can be installed in trucks and city buses, thus obtaining the ECO environmental label from the DGT (Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic), with the benefits that this label brings when accessing low-emission areas, which are increasingly common in city centres. For more information, please visit this link.

3 March 2021