Autogas, the most popular alternative fuel in Italy during 2019

During 2019 the registrations of new vehicles in Italy remained stable with respect to the previous year reaching a total volume of 1,926,535 units delivered to new customers, according to UNRAE (National Union of Foreign Automotive Representatives).

Regarding the type of fuel of these vehicles, diesel lost the lead after many years and finished 2019 with a 40.0% market share. For alternative fuels, Autogas led the ranking with 136,841 vehicles sold, followed by 38,620 natural gas vehicles, 10,566 electrics, and 6,499 plug-in hybrid electrics.

The most prominent automakers were: Dacia (+ 36.4%), Smart (+ 43.3%), and SEAT (+ 34.4%).

Dacia is the only brand that offers its whole range with LPG versions. In Italy, this automaker has the highest share of the Autogas market, ahead of Fiat. For the Duster model, more than 50% of sales in the country are LPG and it keeps growing. For more information, please visit this link.

5 February 2020