Autogas refuelling infrastructure expands in Ukraine

SOCAR Energy Ukraine, subsidiary of Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR in Ukraine, increased the coverage of its filling stations with dispensers for the sale of Autogas in Ukraine last year.

“In 2017, more modules for the sale of LPG were installed at our operational filling stations, and presently the refuelling network covers 34 stations,” SOCAR reported.

The company said that over the past year, the LPG sales for Autogas increased by an average of 40%, thus increasing its presence and share in the country’s fuel market.

Currently, dispensers for the sale of LPG are installed at almost 58% of SOCAR filling stations in Ukraine. The total LPG refuelling network is estimated at around 3,500 stations across the country, servicing an estimate 2,250,000 fleet of LPG vehicles. For more information, please visit this link.

28 February 2018