Autogas is the only fuel that Argentina has in abundance

The use of LPG to power vehicles continues to grow constantly in north-eastern Argentina. Currently, it costs 72 pesos (USD 0.65 cents) per litre, almost half of a litre of Premium gasoline. In addition, the most notable advantage of this fuel is that (unlike the rest) there is no shortage, according to Gustavo Salustri, head of Salustri SA, a supplier of alternative fuel equipment and that also has a network of Autogas stations and conversion centres in the northeast region of the country.

“From a strategic point of view, LPG is the fuel that Argentina has in abundance and does not need to import,” said Salustri. “At some point, when it is possible to get out of what is urgent, it will be noticed that with a relatively low investment, more gas could be obtained from Vaca Muerta. And the moment natural gas begins to be separated, there will be much more LPG. So, if this fuel is already abundant and can be exported, tomorrow when there is more LPG, this availability will allow different processes to be carried out very cheaply.”

Salustri pointed out its conversion workshops in the province of Misiones have all shifts taken in May. The demand comes mainly from owners of taxis and vehicles used for freight.

“We are working well, the number of conversions that had fallen during the pandemic has been recovering. Today we are at a level similar to December 2019, maybe a little more,” he explained.

Autogas is a growing option for the entire northeast region. There is LPG in Misiones, Corrientes, Resistencia, Formosa, while the only province that also has Autogas refuelling infrastructure outside this region is San Juan (in western Argentina). For more information, please visit this link.

Photo: Salustri SA

11 May 2022