Autogas is promoted during event of the Spanish Ministry of Transport

On the occasion of the ‘Future Mobility Week,’ BeGas organised an event in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to address the new R&D&i solutions and the keys to promote responsible mobility in urban transport. One of the conclusions of the event ‘Public transport and urban cleaning services: challenges and trends in sustainable urban mobility’ was that LPG is a current solution that helps to achieve low-carbon and pollutant emissions in urban transport.

Being the first company to manufacture 100% Autogas Euro VI-D engines and after having participated in the public consultation for the preparation of the Draft Law on Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Financing, BeGas has unveiled the keys to encourage a urban sustainable transport, with the help of experts in the sector such as Repsol, UNVI or Urbaser.

During the event, the role of alternative fuels in urban mobility had a central part of the debate. Dolores Cárdenas, Repsol Product Design Advisor, highlighted the importance of maintaining technological neutrality and selecting the most appropriate technology for each use, without excluding any type of energy that can be key in the short-medium term to decarbonise the transport. “All energy with a low carbon footprint for mobility will be necessary to achieve the objectives of climate neutrality,” she said.

“We must promote the use of public transport, bet on technological progress and select the appropriate technology for each application,” commented Eva Legido, Engineering Director of the Industrial Vehicles Unit (UNVI), and remarked “the importance of the ‘well to the wheel’ analysis, being Autogas one of the solutions that the European Union should take into account.”

For Alfredo Sánchez, responsible for sustainability in the General Directorate of Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, supporting sustainable mobility from institutions is key. To do this, “it is necessary to build a joint strategy among all the actors and carry out different actions to promote change in the medium-long term and thus achieve international objectives and commitments,” he said.

“Autogas is an accelerating technology because it is an energy that allows cities to have clean vehicles immediately and to comply in the short term with the requirements of the European Union in terms of noise and polluting gases,” added Pedro Silva, CEO of BeGas.

The conclusions of the event will be sent to the Ministry for its consideration in the preparation of the Strategy for Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility 2030 and the Draft Law on Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Financing. For more information, please visit this link.

23 December 2020