Autogas industry grows a steady pace in India

The Autogas sector in India registered an impressive sales growth of 14% in financial year 2017-18 compared to 2016-17, with a total sales figure of around 400,000 tonnes. The previous year had witnessed a sales figure of 346,000 tonnes. The industry had closed the fiscal year 2016-17 with a sales growth of 4.9%. This indicates a steady and impressive growth trajectory for the alternative fuel in the country.

The rising petrol and diesel prices, the growing social consciousness about the need of cleaner transport fuels, and the increasing penetration of the fuel across the country, are the key factors in the increasing transition to Autogas vehicles.

Autogas is available in more than 500 cities with a network of 1,100 LPG refuelling stations, which makes it the most widely available alternative fuel in the country. While the rise in global crude prices have impacted petrol, diesel as well as Autogas prices in India, the latter still remains priced at a much lower rate as compared to the former two.

“Auto LPG has never been more relevant. As Indian cities struggle to fight the growing air pollution levels, petrol and diesel are increasingly becoming non-sustainable. The Autogas sector in the past few years has witnessed a steady growth in India, as more and more people opt for gaseous fuels. The growth also reflects the fact that the fuel has achieved improved penetration across the country,” said Suyash Gupta, General Director of the Indian Auto LPG Coalition (IAC).

The IAC that has been demanding favourable policy initiatives from the government to allow Autogas become a major alternative to petrol and diesel. “We want Autogas to be included in the recently launched city gas project which focuses entirely on CNG,” added Gupta.

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19 December 2018