Autogas, exempt from vehicle restrictions in Costa Rica


The newly approved traffic regulations, which include stiffer fines for several infractions, and also provisions for cars being ticketed for parking in no-parking areas, also include a benefit for environmentally friendly vehicles, including LPG-powered cars.

Vehicles running on alternative energies, such as Autogas, electric, or hybrid, can circulate across San José, Costa Rica capital city, while vehicles powered by traditional fuels must stay out of the central restriction zone one day per week depending on the last number of their licence plate.

“Vehicles with environmentally friendly technologies will not be subject to the restriction”, says the Article n° 95, one of the modifications of the Traffic Law.

Other modifications also focus on environment protection, including fines or plate removal when the vehicle produces noise or emissions of gases, fumes or polluting particles that exceed the established limits.

According to local LPG supplier Blue Flame, converting a vehicle to Autogas can cost about 350 US dollars, depending on the car brand and model, and savings can be as great as 40% in fuel costs. Plus there are additional benefits to using a cleaner burning fuel, such as less fumes and contamination, and fewer particles in the engine and filters.

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