Autogas Day

As you may know, Autogas Day is a dedicated occasion that takes place once a year providing both a high-level conference on the most recent Autogas developments, as well as an opportunity for the LPG industry to get involved through local activities targeting key stakeholders worldwide.

With a successful start in Amsterdam during the 32nd World LPG Forum & European Congress last year, Autogas Day 2019 had several international speakers addressing the benefits of driving on Autogas, its contribution to cleaner air, its market potential, its success in several countries, as well as the challenges associated with the global energy transition. With 15 high-level speakers and close to 200 participants, the foundation and interest for future events was set.

Autogas Day 2020 will focus on emerging markets and aims to have speakers from the entire value chain of the industry, as well as policy makers from key markets, and energy experts. The Autogas market is well established in places like the EU, but there is tremendous potential yet for many regions. Autogas Day 2020 will provide an opportunity for those in the industry to understand how they might expand their business, and for key stakeholders to better understand the benefits of driving on Autogas, and the critical policies needed to support its uptake.

Autogas Day 2020 will kick-off on November 4, with two additional sessions on November 5 & 6. It will also provide an opportunity for market players to organise their own local initiatives to promote the benefits of driving on Autogas, all on November 4, in order to create more impact.

More details on the Autogas Day 2020 conference will soon follow, but we wanted to make you aware of this opportunity already and provide you with preparation time to discuss your participation internally.

We look forward to your support for another successful Autogas Day!

Any questions or comments, please contact co-organisers: Filipa Rio and Angelique Berden

*For sponsorship details, please contact Esther Assous