Autogas Day – Thursday 9th December 2021 (Dubai)

Globally over 27 million vehicles use Autogas (LPG as a transport fuel), delivering huge emission benefits especially when used in older vehicles. Autogas is the number one alternative transport fuel to gasoline and diesel, and a valuable option for governments to have when facing a net zero future, poor urban air quality and threats to climate change.

Autogas Day promotes the benefits of driving on Autogas, by bringing together all international Autogas stakeholders on a single day. Coupled with intensive social media support, #AutogasDay this will create an impact far wider than any one organisation or association could achieve.

Autogas Day began as an initiative in The Netherlands in 2018. In 2019 and 2020, twenty countries participated in the event, and we aim to surpass that number this year.

Autogas Day 2021 will again be part of LPG Week 2021/Dubai. The title of this year’s event is ‘Rediscovering Autogas’, and will address new windows of opportunity, how to position Autogas as a future fuel and key communications challenges. While Autogas is well known in some parts of the world like Europe and the USA, it is only now being discovered in other regions. Why now?

Autogas Day 2021 will also see the publication of the updated ‘Guide to New Autogas Markets’. The document sets out the key success factors needed to develop Autogas markets and contains several case studies.

Autogas Day at LPG Week 2021/Dubai is an event not to be missed. Can’t wait to see you there!

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13 October 2021