Autogas car registrations are growing in Italy

During February 2023, the Italian car market showed signs of recovery. Sales of alternative fuel vehicles also increased last month, with LPG growing +35%, according to the data from the Ministry of Transport.

Last month, the Italian car market totalled 130,365 registrations (+17.5%) against the 110,915 units registered in February 2022. Petrol-powered cars increased by 16.7% (share of 26.3%), while diesel vehicles grew by 1.8% (share of 19%), compared to the same period of last year.

Moreover, more than half of the total registrations were alternative fuel vehicles, that is 54.7%, an increase of 24.2% (share of 54.5%). Electrified cars represented 44.4% of the market and 44.2% of the cumulative, an increase of 23.8%, while non-rechargeable hybrids grew 24.3%.

However, Autogas cars are the ones growing above all, with 10.2% registrations in February 2023, an increase of around +42%. Meanwhile, CNG-powered vehicles represented 0.2%.

Overall, LPG and CNG cars represent 10.3% of the market, with the first growing by 35.1% and the second falling by 80.7%. Autogas in particular still seems to convince Italians enough even in the second-hand market.

Source: La Svolta

15 March 2023