Autogas adoption gains momentum in Costa Rica

The levels of growth in the use of LPG for vehicles show an upward trend of 12% after the pandemic, compared to other transport fuels that only grew by 2%, according to Alexander Davis, Technical Services Manager of Costa Rica’s state energy company Recope.

He also explained that despite the fact that the use of Autogas is not fully in the Costa Rican culture, the sector is experiencing significant growth. “Last year in Recope we sold around 360 million litres of LPG to all sectors, of which 40 million litres were for vehicular LPG,” said Davis in an interview to a local radio station.

There is talk of an annual growth of between 30% and 35% in the use of LPG for mobility. “There is growth, and for us at Recope it has been a major challenge to be able to maintain that demand,” he commented.

For Recope, the Autogas phenomenon is very interesting because it has become the fastest growing fuel in the country, mainly motivated by the price gap with other fuels.

In addition, the Executive Director of Chamber of Fuel Entrepreneurs José Miguel Masís expressed: “What we can perceive in LPG distribution is the level of investment that is being made in service stations to adapt facilities for Autogas.”

Photo: Gas Tomza

Source: El Mundo

7 June 2023