Argentina: new telemetry system for Autogas refuelling is launched

After almost a year of work, Sifer Gas has finally managed to fine-tune all the necessary tools to carry out the development of the new digital control format for LPG vehicles and service stations. The innovative technological tool in which the company invested already has all the equipment required to improve quality standards and traceability of Autogas refuelling in vehicles.

“The last hurdle to activate the online audit by telemetry was finally overcome,” said Raúl Persoglia, President of Sifer Gas. These are the chips that will be installed from now on in the cars that are going to renew their LPG wafers in the respective workshops and in the vehicles that are converted.

The devices, which are located one on the refuelling peak clamp and the other on the inlet valve of each vehicle that runs on Autogas, are being installed free of charge by the company.

Persoglia added that it was practically essential to have this system, since “with the economic crisis, exhaustive control and traceability of the volumes and amounts that are handled daily throughout our network of service stations are very useful.

The microcircuits installed in each dispenser of the five service stations that Sifer Gas owns in the Northeast and Cuyo region will automatically prevent cars that do not have the wafer up to date to refuel LPG, through the crossing of data between each point of sale and the company’s headquarters.

Simultaneously to this, each station operator will have the precise parameters online and at the time of each sale, detailing volume, employee, customer, amount and date of the operation.

Through this application, the integral management of Autogas is guaranteed, within a control and administration platform, as well as the level of maintenance of the vehicle fleet converted to LPG by Sifer Gas’ workshops.

Photo: Sifer Gas

Source: Surtidores

21 June 2023