Argentina: new Autogas conversion equipment for diesel vehicles is launched

Sifer Gas has announced the launch of the first massive promotion plan for an innovative installation kit that will allow trucks and buses currently powered by diesel to also use LPG for their operation.

After successfully completing the period of tests and controls necessary to carry out the project, the company said to local media Surtidores that they are already offering the general public and the logistics companies financing plans and promotions to install Autogas equipment in their heavy vehicles.

“We experimentally verified the operation and performance of the LPG equipment in one of our trucks with a Scania diesel engine, with results of around 45% savings and improved autonomy,” said Raúl Persoglia, Head of Sifer Gas. His company has a long history in the conversion of cars to Autogas and owns a network of LPG service stations in the Northern and Western regions of Argentina.

The equipment, noted Persoglia, operates in a “dual fuel” mode, using both fuels at the same time. It consists of four tanks that can transport 100 litres each, guaranteeing a range of 2,340 kilometres and displacing 42% of the diesel with LPG.

Moreover, he commented that a new financing program for conversions to LPG-powered cars is active. Through an information chip, when the system detects that the car has a kit provided and installed by Sifer Gas, it automatically charges the owner of the vehicle 50% more than the price of the refuelling, so that this difference is applied to the plan of payments in order to amortise the cost of the installation.

Persoaglia added that this operation will also be available in the future for the conversion of diesel-powered vehicles.

Source: Surtidores

30 August 2023