Argentina: legislators seek to update bill to promote Autogas

Members of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies seek to present an initiative that favours the conversion of vehicles to LPG as well as the distribution of the fuel throughout the country, as an attempt to rationalise the development of Autogas and make it accessible to all people.

Elected members from the FPV (Frente para la Victoria) party expect that the new Commission of Energy and Fuels can evaluate and consider a Regulatory Regime for the Industry and the Commercialisation of LPG, so it can be integrated into the current legislation that allows Autogas conversions but does not stimulate the market nor raise awareness about its development and benefits.

So far, Autogas in Argentina continues growing, in particular in the north-eastern part of the country, based on private investments and without any incentive of the national State.

The initiative seeks to modify a law from 2005, expanding on the concept of Public Service of LPG. The bill currently establishes that “the State must guarantee continuity, regularity and accessibility to the service to all people, families and social groups that require it,” guaranteeing its access, price, quality, and security conditions.

The project, proposing the diversification of the use of LPG in different areas, including transport and industry, would include the distribution of the fuel as well as the promotion of conversion workshops throughout the country.

According to the deputies, “the LPG market cannot continue without a strategic planning, or worse, delegating its planning to the private interests of the market.” For more information, please check this link.

11 April 2018