Alternative fuel specialist asks government to support Autogas in Turkey

The United Nations General Assembly designated 5 June as ‘World Environment Day’ in 1972, marking the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. In this recent anniversary, the day has gained more importance not only due to global warming, air pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation policies and the increase of the urban population worldwide, but also due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The emergence of scientific studies linking the virus spread and lethality rates with air pollution makes World Environment Day even more meaningful this year. While Harvard University’s study revealed that coronavirus deaths increased in regions with high PM values, the research conducted by the University of Bologna showed that the virus could hang in the air by holding solid particles and travel long distances.

In this regard, BRC Turkey CEO Kadir Örücü highlights the importance to encourage cleaner and alternative fuels: “Autogas is among the most environmentally-friendly alternative fuel options. In addition to several EU countries, incentives are applied to LPG vehicles in Japan, South Korea, Australia and England because they are more eco-friendly and economical.”

However, even though Turkey is the first country in Europe and the second in the world in the use of Autogas vehicles, there has not been official measures taken in terms of incentives. “With the old laws that prevent LPG vehicles from entering the parking garages, we are not supporting them,” said Örücü.

“LPG provides both environmentally-friendly and economical transportation. So we believe that it should be encouraged to prevent air pollution, global warming and economic loss in our country where Autogas is extensively used,” he added.

“Although the statements of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation saying it will lift parking garage bans give hope to Autogas drivers, there is no step yet. These prohibitions in Turkey adversely affect vehicle owners, the environment and the economy of our country,” he concluded.

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10 June 2020