Alternative fuel fleets in Tennessee prevent nearly 600 tonnes of CO2 annually

Tennessee Clean Fuels (TNCleanFuels) inducted six new fleets into the “Tennessee Green Fleets” Certification Programme. Using alternative fuels like Autogas, the newly certified fleets have prevented a combined 575 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere annually.

Among the green fleets are Greater Dickson Gas Authority, which owns a fleet of 16 vehicles running on Autogas and CNG; and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a long-time partner in education to promote action for emissions reduction, which unveiled their Autogas programme in 2014 and now have six LPG-powered work trucks and five LPG zero-turn mowers.

Other projects include NET Trans | Carter County Fleet, which has partnered with Alliance AutoGas (AAG) to develop plans to convert many of their vehicles across their service area in Northeast Tennessee. They have also worked with AAG on Greene County’s first public LPG refuelling station, a first of its kind in Tennessee. NET Trans uses Autogas in six Ford Transits that serve several counties out of their Elizabethton domicile site. They are also helping drive education on Autogas opportunities in the Northeast Tennessee region.

The Programme encompasses all fuel and technology options including Autogas, biodiesel, natural gas, electric, ethanol, hybrid, idle-reduction and fuel economy strategies such as car share, vanpooling, truck stop electrification, as well as non-automotive forms of transportation like bicycles and shooters.

The Tennessee Green Fleets Certification Programme was developed jointly by Middle-West and East Tennessee Clean Fuels. It utilises performance-based metrics to analyse any fleet’s vehicle and fuel-use data and compare new actions they have taken to what their footprint would have looked like without those actions. For more information, please visit this link.

10 October 2018