Algerian minister calls for widespread expansion of Autogas conversion centres

Minister of Energy Mustapha Guitouni called on all Naftal officials to expand the Autogas conversion facilities across the country to encourage the use of this fuel with the objective to reduce imports of liquid fuels. “People have to drive LPG cars, and we need to generalise the conversion centres across the country,” insisted the minister.

Guitouni advocated for a wider use of this energy through the creation of Autogas workshops, calling on Naftal managers to train young engineers and technicians to enable them to set up their LPG conversion facilities.

“Currently, 400,000 vehicles have been converted to LPG, and we have reduced the fuel import bill. Thus we have launched a programme for the conversion of one million vehicles by 2021,” the minister told the press, while commissioning an LPG refuelling station for public use in Ahnif (east of Bouira).

Regarding the Highlands Energy Plan, the minister stressed the need for Algeria to move towards this “clean and less dangerous” fuel. For more information, please check this link.

13 February 2019