Algeria: Naftal plans to bring the number of Autogas vehicles to one million

The state-owned company Naftal has unveiled a national awareness campaign on the optimal use of LPG as vehicle fuel. During this launch, the company’s General Manager Mourad Menouar announced that the number of cars converted to Autogas has reached around 660,000, at a rate of 20,000 to 25,000 units per year.

He added that the company is working to increase this number to around one million vehicles in the future, underlining the “great demand” of citizens to use LPG technology and the technical capacities of Naftal that allow to respond to requests.

Menouar confirmed that the company has taken all necessary steps to make this national campaign a success, which will include the organisation of several events across the states –with special places at service stations- to offer presentations about the advantages of using Autogas and how to maintain the equipment.

He also drew attention to the efforts made by the State to reduce the costs of installing LPG kits and the incentive pricing of this fuel, commercialised at a fifth of the total price of gasoline. For him, Naftal remains an active element in the supply chain of this clean and economical fuel, as part of the strategy drawn up by the State to generalise its use as an alternative fuel to conventional gasoline.

The campaign also involves the services of the National Delegation for Road Safety (DNSR) under the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities. For more information, please visit this link.

31 August 2022