Air quality label could boost use of LPG-powered vehicles in France


Autogas has received a key boost thanks to the progressive arrival of the Crit’Air label. Established in Paris since January 2016, this sticker, encouraged by the government, is expected to gradually spread to most major cities wishing to implement measures to restrict traffic and reduce pollution.

Autogas vehicles, which could see sales take off again in 2017 due to the increase in the price of gasoline, have been placed just behind electric vehicles and classified in the Crit’Air 1 level. Therefore, they will not undergo restrictions of circulation should there be pollution peaks.

With an average price of 0.70 €/litre, Autogas is very competitive with gasoline with an annual savings estimated at 27% according to ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency). Moreover, France has an extensive LPG refuelling network with more than 1,750 stations available.

Partial (50%) or total exemption, virtually all new French regions now recognise LPG as a clean fuel and give it advantages on grey cards (France’s vehicle registrations).

In addition, professionals now can benefit from an exemption on TVS (tax on corporate vehicles) during the first two years of circulation of the car. This applies to all Autogas vehicles whose CO2 emissions are less than 110 g/km. If you want to know more, please visit this link.