A real success story: Spanish Red Cross reinforces commitment to Autogas adoption

The Spanish Association of Vehicle Transformers (ASTRAVE) has shared a new report analysing the successful experience of the Red Cross with Autogas. Currently, out of a fleet of approximately 3,200 combustion engine vehicles in the Red Cross, 11% run on LPG and have the DGT ECO label.

“The case of the Red Cross is one of the many success stories of companies that have decided to bet on LPG as an alternative fuel and switch to sustainable mobility,” according to ASTRAVE. “They are great example of how the use of Autogas can bring important advantages both at an individual level and from a collective point of view.”

The association spoke with Dori Moreno and Jaime Bará from the Red Cross General Services area, who explained they chose Autogas as part of the “constant search for formulas so as not to cause damage with our activity, neither to the environment nor to people.”

“In the recent past, few propulsion technologies existed that were comparable to the use of LPG and CNG, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and gases that are harmful to people’s health. That is why the Red Cross decided to bet on these cleaner and cheaper technologies,” said the representatives of the humanitarian organisation.

The Spanish Red Cross been using LPG as a transport fuel since 2007. The first transformations of vehicles were mainly led by members of the organisation in the Basque Country.

Regarding station network, Moreno and Bará noted: “It is true that refuelling is an important factor, especially in an organisation like the Spanish Red Cross, established in nearly 1,500 service points and which provides help and services in more than 2,500 municipalities throughout the State. This has encouraged the Red Cross to further promote LPG, since there are more than 800 refuelling stations throughout the country, especially on the Mediterranean coast. This is a very important factor when choosing an LPG vehicle, knowing the refuelling possibilities in your area of operation.”

In addition, they proudly highlighted the exceptional range of their Autogas vehicles, showcasing an impressive distance of up to 1,200 km when combining the tanks of petrol and LPG.


19 July 2023